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Amount of Vitamin A, RAE in Deer, venison, sitka, raw natural (Alaska Native)

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There is µg amount of Vitamin A, RAE in amount of Deer, venison, sitka, raw natural (Alaska Native)

If you do not need Vitamin A - RAE, go to the all nutritional details page for a product and select Vitamin A - IU (International Unit) instead.

VITAMIN A Retinol Activity Equivalents (RAE)
RAE is used for comparing activities of the various forms of Vitamin A within the actual Vitamin A.

1 µg RAE (microgram, mcg, or 1/1000th of 1g, gram) is equal to 1 µg of retinol. Although 1 µg RAE compares to 12 µg of beta-carotene. And it requires 24 µg of each of the other 4 nutrients from the carotenoids group to equal 1 µg RAE.

E.g. 24 micrograms of Lutein plus zeaxanthin, 24 mcg of Lycopene, 24 mcg Beta-cryptoxanthin and 24 mcg Alpha-carotene makes 1µg RAE. 12µg Beta-carotene or 1µg of Retinol equals to 1 micro gram RAE.

Determine, under different quantities, how much of Vitamin A, RAE nutrient can be found in Deer, venison, sitka, raw natural (Alaska Native). Calculate and convert the amounts.

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