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Seal, bearded, Oogruk, meat, partially dried (Alaska Native)

Food nutritional details

Nitrogen to Protein Conversion Factor:   6.25

Nutrient amounts per serving size:

Nutrition Facts
  Nutrients Amount
% DV *
Energy, kilojoules kJ
Calories Cal
Protein g
Fat total g
Carbs total g
- Sugars g
Magnesium, Mg mg
Iron, Fe mg
* Daily Value (DV) Percentage - recommended intakes of nutrients for adults and children four or more years of age
Graph of four nutrients

Nutritional percentage graph

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Complete nutrient break down detailed table for item:   35175 - Seal, bearded, Oogruk, meat, partially dried (Alaska Native).

Nutrient name Amount
%DV *
Ash g
Carbohydrate, by difference g
Energy, food calories Cal
Energy, kilojoules kJ
Fructose (fruit sugar) g
Galactose (monosaccharide sugar) g
Glucose (known as dextrose or grape sugar) g
Lactose g
Maltose (also called malt sugar or maltobiose) g
Protein g
Starch (or amylum) g
Sucrose, Suc (saccharose) g
Sugars, total g
Total lipid (fat) g
Water g
    Major Minerals
Calcium, Ca mg
Magnesium, Mg mg
Phosphorus, P mg
Potassium, K mg
Sodium, Na mg
    Trace Minerals
Copper, Cu mg
Iron, Fe mg
Manganese, Mn mg
Zinc, Zn mg
    Water Soluble Vitamins
Betaine mg
Choline, total mg
Folate, dietary folate equivalent (DFE) µg
Folate, found in food µg
Folate, total µg
Folic acid µg
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid mg
    Fat Soluble Vitamins
Carotene, alpha (α-carotene) µg
Carotene, beta (β-carotene) µg
Cryptoxanthin, beta (β-cryptoxanthin) µg
Dihydrophylloquinone, dK (form of vitamin K) µg
Lutein + zeaxanthin (important nutrients) µg
Lycopene µg
Menaquinone-4, MK-4 µg
Tocopherol, TCP, beta mg
Tocopherol, TCP, delta mg
Tocopherol, TCP, gamma mg
Tocotrienol, alpha mg
Tocotrienol, beta mg
Tocotrienol, delta mg
Tocotrienol, gamma mg
Vitamin A, IU IU
Vitamin A, RAE µg
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) mg
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) µg
Amino Acids
    Essential Amino Acids (indispensable)
Histidine (His or H) α-amino acid g
Isoleucine (Ile or I) α-amino acid g
Leucine (Leu or L) α-amino acid g
Lysine (Lys or K) α-amino acid g
Methionine (Met or M) α-amino acid g
Phenylalanine (Phe or F) α-amino acid g
Threonine (Thr or T) α-amino acid g
Tryptophan (Trp) standard amino acid g
Valine (Val or V) α-amino acid g
    Non-essential Amino Acids (dispensable)
Alanine, Ala or A, α-amino acid g
Arginine, Arg or R, α-amino acid g
Aspartic acid, D-AA, Asp, or D, α-amino acid g
Cystine g
Glutamic acid, Glu or E, proteinogenic amino acid g
Glycine, Gly or G, proteinogenic amino acid, not chiral g
Proline, Pro or P, α-amino acid g
Serine, Ser or S, proteinogenic amino acid g
Tyrosine, Tyr or Y g
Alcohol, ethyl, EtOH or Et, pure, 2-carbon g
Caffeine mg

⊕ - extra details about the nutrient.

* Daily Value (DV) - The daily value, is a guide for percentage of a nutrient, that is obtained from a serving of the food, most often based on a 2000 calorie diet. This information represents recommended dietary intakes of nutrients for adults and children from four (4) years and above and suggests the levels of intake of essential nutrients that sufficiently meet the nutritional requirements of healthy individuals. It is also referred to as RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) or nutritional RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) or in some cases only as AI (Adequate Intake) average.

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Break down to a single nutrient element

The detailed table of nutrients composition above for Seal, bearded, Oogruk, meat, partially dried (Alaska Native) is broken down into macro-nutrients (dietary elements) and micro-nutrients, which are source of nourishment essential for human body growth and maintenance. All nutrient's and non-nutrients (e.i. fiber, water) values are measured in following units and their symbols:

  • grams - g
  • milligrams - mg
  • micrograms - µg or mcg or ug
  • International Unit - IU (volume or mass measurements for substance amounts)
  • kilocalorie or calorie - kcal or Cal (dietary or nutritionist's calorie or kilo-calorie, energy unit, in nutrition science this large Cal and kcal are equal in numbers or quantity sense)
  • kilojoules - kJ (energy from food intake)

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