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Result for fish: 256 item(s) in all categories

Results in categories:
American Indian/Alaska Native Foods (34)
Fast Foods (6)
Fats and Oils (7)
Finfish and Shellfish Products (202)
Legumes and Legume Products (1)
Restaurant Foods (3)
Soups, Sauces, and Gravies (3)

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Product results:
  Agutuk, fish with shortening (Alaskan ice cream) (Alaska Native)
  Agutuk, fish/berry with seal oil, Alaskan ice cream (Alaska Native)
  APPLEBEE'S, fish, hand battered
  BURGER KING, Premium Fish Sandwich
  DENNY'S, fish fillet, battered or breaded, fried
  Entrees, fish fillet, battered or breaded and fried
  Fast foods, fish sandwich, with tartar sauce
  Fast foods, fish sandwich, with tartar sauce plus cheese
  Fish broth
  Fish oil, cod liver
  Fish oil, herring
  Fish oil, menhaden
  Fish oil, menhaden, fully hydrogenated
  Fish oil, salmon
  Fish oil, sardine
  Fish sticks, meatless
  Fish, anchovy, european, canned food in oil, drained solids
  Fish, anchovy, european, raw natural
  Fish, bass, fresh water, mixed species, raw natural
  Fish, bass, freshwater, mixed species, cooked, dry heat
  Fish, bass, striped, cooked, dry heat
  Fish, bass, striped, raw natural
  Fish, blackfish, whole (Alaska Native)
  Fish, bluefish, cooked, dry heat
  Fish, bluefish, raw natural

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