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Amount of Histidine (His or H) α-amino acid in Ice cream, soft serve, chocolate

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There is g amount of Histidine (His or H) α-amino acid in amount of Ice cream, soft serve, chocolate

This amino acid is considered to be partially essential, our body can produce only small quantities of it and therefore to meet our body's requirements we simply need to obtain it from the food we eat.

The need of our body for histidine is especially high during growth, during chronic illness and during convalescence or recovering after surgery procedures. Histidine helps to regulate immune system defence, inflammatory processes and allergic response of our body. Deficiency are associated with increased occurrence of infections and exacerbate allergic reactions. As a supplement it is used in allergic conditions, inflammatory conditions and poor memory. Good food sources are meats, eggs, fish, chicken and bananas.

Determine, under different quantities, how much of Histidine (His or H) α-amino acid nutrient can be found in Ice cream, soft serve, chocolate. Calculate and convert the amounts.

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