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The Tree of Life PAPAYA or PAW PAW Remedies

Healing and Regeneration

Making papaya seed drink remedy. Once around nineteen hundred years ago there was an elderly man who was imprisoned on an Island called Patmos. His name was John. While on this Prison Island He received dreams and visions and heard Divine Voices. From these dreams visions and voices He wrote the book of Revelation. Near the end of Revelation He talks of a Tree of Life a Tree of Magic and Miracles, it also talks of two other things about this Tree of Life and from this we today can and have identified this Tree. It says that this Tree of Life will fruit every month of year or that it fruits all year round. Then it says that its Leaves will cure and heal the Nations, this Tree has been discovered and tested in a Natural Way for over Sixteen years.

The CARICA PAPAYA or as We in Australia call it the Papaya is this Tree of Life. It is the only Tree in the World that will fruit every month of the year in a Tropical situation. Its leaves fruit and crushed seed will heal the Human body of all ailments disease and will help with the REGENERATION of our bodies. The Papaya is a TREE of LIFE and a TREE of MAGIC and MIRACLES. How does it accomplish its mission, it is with the ENZYME in it called PAPAIN and other Chemical Compounds. The PAPAIN ENZYME is an ATOM SPLITTING ENZYME and LOVES to DEVOUR PROTEIN ATOMS.

All DISEASE AND AILMENTS have PROTEINS in their make up and this ENZYME PAPAIN DESTROYS DISEASE and AILMENTS by SPLITTING THEIR ATOMS and PROTEINS that make them up. The Power of this Enzyme is quite amazing as you will find out once you start using this Tree the right way, it is a Tree of Miracles.

From before 1900 to around 1918 almost a century ago We had a Doctor here in Brisbane Qld. His name was Thomas Lucas. This Doctor somehow through His research discovered the Power of this Tree of Life the Papaya the Paw paw. For almost thirty years He used this Tree against all disease and ailments with great success. I would now like to tell you about some of His Healing Phenomena. He Healed Hydatids and all Parasites and Tuberculosis some thing they still can't completely heal today. He healed many cases of Cancer during his time as a doctor. In His books that He wrote about His work there are pages of stories about Him Healing Breast Cancer, all with the Papaya. If He could do it then We can do it again today, We only have to try.

Papaya seeds inside mortar pestle. He Healed bowel problems, cases of chronic piles, blood poisoning and swollen joints and body parts. He Healed server burns and ulcers and veracious veins. He used this Plant against tonsillitis and diphtheria. In His books He talks about curing Cancer of the stomach, ulcers of the stomach, peritonitis, gout and rheumatism. All fevers all vomiting and diarrhoea within hours. He healed tumors of the scalp, tumours of the neck. All spinal paralysis that entered His care were healed and in a very short time. During the Spanish Flu epidemic that flooded the Earth including Australia almost a century ago the Doctor had in His care two hundred people with this Virus. He lost two out of those two hundred, a loss of one percent. The other Doctors and hospitals lost ninety percent of their patients, not so with Doctor Lucas, only two lost the rest healed with the Papaya the Pawpaw, truly amazing, We can do it again today if there is ever an epidemic that hits us.

No one followed all those years ago in this brilliant Doctor’s work and somehow and for some reason His work was stopped. More about Dr. Thomas Pennington Lucas and his life. Well for the past sixteen years now His work and the knowledge of this wonderful tree is being Resurrected again and this time it will not be stopped, and so far We have had a hundred percent success rate. Now it is time to tell you about this work and knowledge so far.

Elephant Titis, which caused swollen limbs healed, Lung Cancer healed, Chronic fatigue healed, brain damage, amnesia healed after twenty five years of a lost childhood, with this Tree and its healing ways the brain damage was healed and all memories returned. Diseased Kidneys and diseased liver healed in just four days, It has already saved lives. Blood poisoned feet they were twice there normal size and were purple in colour, they were healed in two weeks and now the gentleman can wear shoes and after many years now is still well. Bad bleeding bowel healed in a week, chronic bleeding piles healed in seven days. Cataracts completely healed over a period of time with this Plant of Magic. Viral Bronchial Pneumonia completely healed many cases now. Vomiting and Diarrhoea cases many now healed overnight some in a matter of hours. Arthritis and Rheumatism all healed. Malaria, Bremer Forest Virus, Ross River Fever, Glandular Fever all healed with the Papaya Remedies.

As you can see it is of serious concern that I write to you about this Tree of Magic and Miracles, the Papaya the Papaya and now proven Tree of Life. For around thirty years almost a century ago healing with this Tree took place with Doctor Lucas. Now for sixteen years healing has been taking place, small but it is happening and the Regeneration of Bodies and Organs is taking place. Now in Samoa, Australia and America healing is now taking place. Over fifty families are now using this Plant in their Lives

Prepared papaya seeds drink. It is an Alternative Natural Healing Therapy, that keeps the body clean and Regenerated. So far We have had a hundred percent success rate, We hope to keep progressing this way. This knowledge and research and study and testing was for free, so all information that you need on how to use this Plant is free.

The main thing to remember is that all disease including Cancer all Viruses and ailments are made up of Protein. The main thing now to use against this Protein of disease is the Atom Splitting Enzyme Papain. This is the only Tree that makes it and it will destroy and dissolve all evil forces that are against us. Somehow it also helps with the Regeneration of the body and slows down aging. For more information about this topic of Health and Life without pain and Longevity contact 07 54836440 at any time. Please keep these writings for the future.

Now to explain to you the two main Remedies We use against disease and to regenerate the Body. They are both strong with lots of Papain Enzymes.

TEA from Papaya Leaf

Take a leaf the size of your two hands and cut it up in to small pieces, place in small pot with half a litre of water hot, boil for ten minutes stir every minute or so. Once it has been boiled strain liquids from leaf let it cool then drink.

DRINK from Papaya Seeds

Eat an 1/8 of papaya fruit every day, take the seed from the fruit and place in beaker, place a small cup of water with it and mix and break up seed with a bar-mix or use a blender. Once seed has been broken and mixed strain drink of seed husk with a small sieve, then drink slowly at first.

Happy healing and happy Regeneration thank you for your interest. Use these tonics every day the more you use them the healthier you will be and the more you will Regenerate. DEATH CAN BE CONQUERED. AGING CAN BE CONQUERED, DISEASE CAN BE CONQUERED, REGENERATION OF THE BODY WILL HAPPEN YOU ONLY HAVE TO TRY. Thank you all.

* Papaya related Robert’s next article. Read also other comments on Papaya Sweet Answer to our Well Being and Health page.

For more information phone: 07 5483 6440 ( from overseas: +617 5483 6440 )

Email: robertclark8888 with gmailREMOVE com (before sending remove the “REMOVE”)

Written by Robert Clark

4/8 Batchelor Rd.
Gympie, QLD 4570

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  3. Several sources describe that the papain enzyme content derived from the green leaves or unripened papaya fruits is even higher. Apparently a simple fermenting process adds some benefits. I was wondering… how can this fermenting be achieved in a home environment? Is it the common fermentation process produced under an air lock attached on top of a large glass container? Thank you for the great information on this website.

    By Keneth — Permalink

  4. Well done! Preferably if the papaya trees grew in an organic way, in a healthy soil environments. Same like with the healthy soil, as known or common in Bio-dynamic Agriculture (containing all original microbiological life in its moist body, that is all natural living Microorganisms – chemicals and pesticides destroy it otherwise fast, repairing soil takes 3 to 4 years for it to come back to normal recovered), we need to put in our mouth to digest mostly healthy Biodynamic food. Then the human body takes care of its whole system and processes and we should remain naturally healthy in this sense or mentally as well throughout our whole life. I believe doctor Thomas Lucas used everything organics for his remedies. Everything must had been biodynamic in his era.

    By Lucas Thomas — Permalink

  5. I bought a papaya and it has a yellow sticker with red writing that says CARIBBEAN in red and in green writing BELIZE and a number 3112. Does this papaya has the same benefits as Carica Papaya?

    By A name of papya — Permalink

  6. All Papaya is beneficial for you the leaf and seed are the strongest in Enzyme. Eat the Fruit daily live forever if you use this tree properly, it is a regenerating Herb.
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya Healing — Permalink

  7. I’m making papaya body cream and not sure how to extract all vitamins for my lotions .. help pls .

    Good on you for a nice site, article, I enjoy it.

    By How to extract papaya vitamins for your skins. — Permalink

  8. Hallo, good to see you are making Papaya Lotion. I make a cream I use at home. I pulp the Fruit and seed and skin with a bar mix and mix it with margarine and jelly. This ointment lasts in the fridge as long as the margarine would. I make a kilo at a time. Try pulping the fruit and use this too, it works.
    Regards Robert.

    By Papaya Healing — Permalink

  9. I am most interesting not only in the power of papaya but also of those hiding it for so long. I wonder if you have any information on treating Tinnitus successfully.
    My papaya grows out of my window very fast, asking me to use it. But how?
    And to manegement of this place, please consider adding some spell checker for the non English natives help. Thanks Chizzz

    By Tinnitus info needed name is Chizik — Permalink

  10. Prolong use of the papaya treatments will help with your hearing but it will take time. Use the treatments every day, contact me if you need more help.
    Regards Robert. Don’t give up.

    By Papaya Healing — Permalink

  11. Hello Robert.

    I was recently diagnosed (last Tuesday ) with Dengue Fever in Indonesia, in fact the day I was due to fly home. All the usual symptoms ; joint pain, fever, sweats hot and cold, head ache in nil levels of energy. The Pits.
    I chose to stay at my hotel and have daily visits by Bali Clinic to monitor blood thrombosis levels daily morning test over and done within 5 minutes, results back by evening. I self hydrated up to 4 liters of water a day and bought a thermometer.
    That was all good and well but my red cell levels were stagnating if not going down a little. In an effect effort to resist going to hospital which was difficult as a single parent I started to do some research on the Internet for alternate homeopathic remedy.

    I found a very interesting article about a little boy whom was on death’s door with the next stage of Dengue Fever; 2 blood transfusions later and a red cell blood count of 5 which is ICU and chronic. His parents gave him 2 tablespoons of PAPAYA LEAF JUICE. Within 30 minutes his count shot up to 137. It tastes like arsenic but who cares, it worked. No any dangerous side-effects for the child from this I believe. My levels have shot up by 30 from 107 the day before when I tried. Just add juice to it or sugar and hold your nose.

    In addition to this we have bought a sport formula of pure Chlorophyll in non-chemist shop which you just add a tablespoon to the liter bottle of water by your bed and drink it all day and night. It tastes like a weak Green tea not unpleasant.

    I am sure my results tonight will be on the rise and I hope this helps others as it is a nasty virus but can be maintained and rid off in the short term for some.

    Always ask questions to your doctor or if he or she not there at least a chemist if you can … they might be informed of this too.

    By Nicole — Permalink

  12. Hallo Nicole good to see you on the mend. I had Ross River Fever and Glandular Fever at the same time way back in 1983 and I killed the disease with leaf tea. One dose healed me try this it works and it’s easy to make. Just recently we have healed a few cases of Ross River on Russel Island near Brisbane. They used the seed drink and it worked. It’s good to use the treatment every day and you will never ever get sick again. It’s good to see you are healing. Please feel free to read my articles.
    Regards Robert.

    By Papaya Healing — Permalink

  13. I have used pawpaw leave to treat malaria and stomach ache in children, but I want to know if pawpaw can alleviate pains of rheumatoid arthritis in adult.

    By Ebere — Permalink

  14. Interesting stuff. Never heard of pawpaw before.

    By JamesPermalink

  15. Papaya is my most Favorite fruit. Till date, I knew a very few on usefulness of papaya. But today I came across new learning and to know much more. Thanks a lot.
    Now days, in my country India, even in my village is very badly suffering from Dengue fever. So many people have lost their lives and so many are fighting against this cruel disease. This fever lowers down the blood platelet count, but if a person suffering from Dengue drinks the juice of papaya leaves 2-3 times a day, he will get the Unbelievable result, his platelet count must improve. Some Indian doctors also give this advice.

    By Mrutyunjay — Permalink

  16. Hallo Ebere, yes you can treat Rheumatoid Arthritis with papaya treatments the seed drink or leaf teas twice a day plus a 1/4 of a ripe fruit a day. Ointment on affected area will help as well. It will take time don’t expect it to happen over night these treatments will help, hope this will help.
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya Healing — Permalink

  17. Hello thank you for all your emails and phone calls healing is happening in m many Countries Africa Canada USA London Israel Philippine’s Papua New Zealand and Australia healing is starting to happen diseases being treated are lung cancer TB breast cancer ovarian cancer diabetes high blood pressure prostrate cancer. We have a friend in Papua his name is Peter he is treating up to twenty people a week with the Papaya remedies he has healed many diseases a lot of malaria please us the tea fresh as it does not keep its strength happy healing everyone Regards Robert Thank you all

    By Robert Clark — Permalink

  18. I had a severe case of hives a fee months ago. The hives were located on my abdomen. I suffered from them and the related discomfort. The doctor did all sort of blood work and did not find anything practically. From desperation build up, I contacted a doctor From my Country (Venezuela) and after a phone conversation with him he asked me to do a Cleansing and to eat a lot Of papaya. I started eating papaya The same day he told me this and immediately noticed The hives were getting better. I continued eating papaya and did The Cleansing diet by just eating fruits and vegetables for a few days. My hives stopped coming up and I felt much better. It has been 2 months since I got better and 2 months from the day one Of eating papaya every day. It did so good to me that I think I Will never give up eating papaya!

    By Migdelis — Permalink

  19. Hello Migdelis it’s Robert, good to see that you have healed keep using the fruit seed and leaf every day and you will never get sick and you will regenerate your body and slow down your aging, it’s a Tree of life and I plan to prove it.

    By Papaya Healing — Permalink

  20. Hello good news from Zimbabwe Africa Cathrine has healed her breast cancer completely she used the papaya leaf tea and fruit she started her treatment early this year also good news from Russel Island Queensland another case of Ross river fever completely healed
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya Healing — Permalink

  21. Hi, It’s Sabiha Shaikh from India.
    I have also experienced the benefit of Papaya Leave.
    Last year i suffered from Dengue fever (Dengo fever), my platelet count came down to 14 thsnd. My son has given me papaya leaves extract, within few hour my count started to shoot and after 2 days it reached to normal.
    Thanks to all, for sharing their experience.

    By Sabiha Shaikh — Permalink

  22. Hello everyone good news from the Philippines Tuberculosis and prostrate cancer both healed with the leaf
    Good news also from Brisbane chronic fatigue and ross river virus healed
    Many emails and phone calls thankyou happy healing
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya Healing — Permalink

  23. Hello everyone,
    My name is Peter and I live in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. I have been using pawpaw (papaya) since 1998 as a personal remedy for malaria treatment because I was allergic to the normal hospital treatments.
    I have developed (improvised) this herbal fruit juice into a very powerful remedy. Robert Clark made a mention of me earlier. This comment is basically to encourage you to continue using this amazing tree of life.
    Today, I continue to help people with many diseases (diabetes, kidney, heart, liver, brain, breast, blood, reproductive system, respiratory (TB) and HIV/AIDS. Papain is the only “agent” who can really “flush out” the aliens in our systems, especially in the brain and the liver or gut where it has been very difficult to do. I have observed this in my meningitis patients, liver disease and HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS people will be monitored continuosly with interval CD4 tests from possible viruses laying dormant and re-appearing. I would really appreciate more assistance from the authorities with CD4 cell count tests for my patients.
    My help is FREE of charge. I wish you good health and To God Be the Glory!

    By Peter K. Wangi — Permalink

  24. Good news from the Philippines tuberculosis healed and prostrate problems healed with the leaf
    Also good news from Brisbane Chronic Fatigue and Ross River virus Healed with the seed and fruit
    Let us not forget Africa Ebola can be killed with the leaf tea or seed drink and fruit please pass this message on to Africa I cant contact them
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya Healing — Permalink

  25. Thank you for the information on the papaya.

    By Annas Mensah Jaween — Permalink

  26. Dear Robert,
    So heart-warming the way you’re passionately and ardently spreading the message of hope and good news to the global community on the efficacy and the empericity of the ‘Tree of Life’.

    Interestingly I stumbled on your article combined nature just a couple of days ago while researching for an alternative cures for high blood pressure that has plagued me for about 6 years now with the side effects of the classical anti-hypertensives. Incidentally I found a panacea instead. My response to this find was kinda greeted with the exclamation ‘eureka’. With chronic fatigue and amnesia worsening my condition and with a mum down with the pathetic effects of stroke, which includes amnesia, poor speech co-ordination and cognitive sense and poor sense of taste on her tongue, I shall embark on aggressive and relentless papaya therapy and ‘revolution’ over the days so I can have give my own testimonies too. Hope you add me to your mailing list too.
    Bless you for your passionate altruism. Wish you Godspeed in your other endeavours.

    By kelsy — Permalink

  27. Thank you very much for the papaya information, a lot of people will be helped especially in Africa where Ebola is taking away lives of many. Thanks once again.

    By Beatrix in South Africa — Permalink

  28. Hello, I have read your article and needed to know what dose do you recommend, as an alternative that is, for kidney disease and a blood count of 4.5. Could papaya help or assist in some way? Thank you so much for your help and information.

    By Litisha — Permalink

  29. I have been looking for a natural alternative to treat hypertension can you tell me how to use papaya to cure high blood pressure. If there was “an alternative” way. Thank you God bless you.

    By eve — Permalink

  30. Hello Litisha and Eve
    The best way to treat your ailments is with the seed or leaf plus fruit
    Have two leaf teas a day fresh each time or use the seed two dessert spoons twice a day
    Kidney disease is easily treated with seed or leaf use it every day and never get sick again
    The Enzyme Papain is the main ingredient in the papaya that kills the diseases and ailments
    Regards Robert


    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  31. Hi Robert, my name is Marina Prada, I am a raw green chef from USA. I want to thank you for this vital information. I grew up in South America ‘under the papaya tree’. I would love to learn about papaya fermentation’ making process. Could you describe it please? Thank you so much for sharing and caring. Sincerely, chef Prada.

    By MARINA PRADA — Permalink

  32. Hello Marina
    Sorry but I have never fermented any Papaya I only use it fresh
    It is excellent to use it in your cooking it makes meat very tender and it good in salads
    Marinate your meat in pulped fruit and use it in your salads leaf as well
    Sorry I cant help you regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  33. Hello Marina how are you well I hope
    Sorry but I can not help you I don’t know how to ferment papaya
    May be some one who reads these articles can help you sorry
    I only use it fresh or dried never fermented
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  34. I was told I have rheumatoid arthritis and I wanted to know if it would work for me please help thanks.

    By my name is yamila — Permalink

  35. Hello Yamila
    Yes the papaya remedies will help you but it will take time
    Use papaya ointment on all aches and pain
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  36. Hi this is Renee from Ghana. Want to find out how I can use pawpaw to treat my 4 yr son who is still not talking. He is very hyperactive. Tnx

    By renee — Permalink

  37. Hello Renee The papaya will help
    Take an 1/8 of a papaya fruit and the skin and seed from the 1/8 of fruit place in blender with a small cup of water and blender for about a minute then get him to drink this during the day
    You can mix a dessert spoon of honey with the mix it will make it more sweater for him
    Try and get him to have this twice a day
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  38. Hello Renee
    Your son needs the papaya ever day its hard to get children to partake the remedies so we make the fruit and seed in to a drink and add some honey.
    Take an 1/8 of a fruit plus the seed from this piece of fruit cut it up and put in a blender with a small cup of water and a dessert spoon of honey to take away the taste of the seed blend it for about a minute the drink this over a period of time will help his mind patterns settle and over a period of time he should heal it is great for the Brain
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  39. Hello , I have a relative with stage IV colone cancer , what is the best way to use the papaya for treatment . Thank you

    By Mohd . — Permalink

  40. Hello Mohd
    If you can get the leaf use it as a tea three times a day take a leaf the size of your two hands and boil it with half a litre of water for ten minutes then drink it all when it has cooled
    Or use the seed two dessert spoons of seed with a small cup of water put it in a blender and break up the seed for about a minute strain with a fine sieve the seed husk from the mixture then drink all of it have the seed drink twice a day
    It may take months of treatment depending on the cancer
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  41. Please I have heard about papaya ointment being prepared with fermented papaya. Please do you have the idea of how papaya can be fermented?



    By Cynthia Nyarko — Permalink

  42. Hello Cynthia
    I make an ointment but I use fresh fruit
    I don’t know how to ferment the fruit my ointment is very strong and is good for many ailments excellent for arthritis and burns and dry skin its also good for wrinkles its an excellent cream
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  43. Hello Mr Robert,

    Thank you for the great post about Papaya.

    Do you believe Papaya will also cure Candida? The overgrowth of Candida albicans. Have you studied about Candida? You know the internet is full of treatments for candida, while none of them works.

    I have developed Candida after several doses of antibiotics few months ago. It’s like one is dying slowly slowly.

    I am also having my faith in Papaya, it’s been a few days I been eating one whole fruit everyday, want to include leaves too (can I just get the dried papaya leaves from herbal stores, powder it and eat? I hope they have not lost the magic after drying).

    Thank you Mr Rober, your post was valuable and encouraging.


    By John — Permalink

  44. Hello John
    Yes the papaya will heal you for ever
    Use the seed take two dessert spoons of seed place in a blender with a small cup of water blend for about a minute then strain the seed husk with a fine sieve and drink have this twice a day plus a 1/4 of a fruit a day use the leaf if you can get them
    Candida is protein based and will be destroyed with the papaya
    Use it forever and never get sick again I have been using the fruit and seed for twenty years now and no sickness its great for the body and regenerates the body
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  45. Hi Robert,

    Is blending\straining necessary? I eat a whole papaya fruit in a day and at the same time consume 1 tablespoon of its fresh seeds.

    In how long do you think i can see some great improvement? you know I already feel things happening in my stomach, esp right after eating papaya and its seeds. seems to be a war in my stomach.


    By John — Permalink

  46. Hello John
    Good that you are using the papaya
    Its alright to chew the seed try and have at lease four desert spoons of seed a day you will need this to combat the disease it will take three or four weeks of treatment to get rid of the candida
    the enzyme papain in the fruit and seed is what will kill the disease and if you keep using the papaya as you are doing it will regenerate your whole body I recommend that you use it forever and then you will be here forever as it is the Tree of Life and I believe in it
    Keep up with the fruit as well
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  47. I have someone who is suffering from stroke, his body is quite alive but he has lost strength to walk. Both legs are shaking but blood is circulating. He also lost his voice, due to the stroke. Please tell me the best solution, especially on how to use the Pawpaw remedy. Thanks

    By vick — Permalink

  48. Hello John
    Sorry I cant get my answer to you I have been trying for two weeks now may be this note will get through I will repeat what I have said use four dessert spoons of seed and chew them they need to be crushed to get the best result keep using the fruit as you are doing it will take three or four weeks to heal properly keep using the remedies and never get sick again
    Thank you for contacting me hope this goes through
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  49. Hello Vick
    Yes the papaya will help sometimes the remedies are difficult to take so we make the magic juice out of the fruit skin and seed
    Take an eighth of a ripe papaya plus skin and seed place in a blender with a small cup of water and blend for about a minute and break up the seed then drink if you dont like the taste add a dessert spoon of honey have this twice a day and healing will start to take place could take months of treatment but it will work as the as the ill person gets better use the leaf tea and seed drink
    Hope this will help regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  50. Hello, my name is Chrismario, I have had ulcer for about 8 years now and have been taking a whole lot of things I am already tired of. The ulcer comes and off and the pain makes me crazy. It has affected my academics, music and so on. But I have always had hope and this site is a confirmation. So, I was diagnosed of being H-pylori positive. I understand you are not a doctor, as to give doctor’s advice as such, but what do you suggest as a right way of combining papaya to achieve maximum positive result? I also been very resistant to hospital administered malaria drugs. Please help as soon as possible, I am in pains currently. Right now I can’t say for sure if my ulcer is stomach or whatever, but one thing that is very obvious is chest burn asides the pain somewhere just below my chest. Also the pain transfers to my left hand and a particular point on my back.

    By Oche Chrismario — Permalink

  51. I actually have an Asian friend whose Mother drank paw paw leaf TEA and cured herself at the age of 32 from breast cancer, she is now 85
    I used to drink it a few yrs ago for hardening of the arteries (Atherosclerosis) << I don’t know if it worked = no testing

    I grew my own paw paw trees for this reason .. Perth Australia
    I read John has trouble with Candida?
    I have read of Gr8 results drinking “Kefir”
    A fermented milk using “kefir Grains”
    There is ample reading and Video-s on making “Kefir” = on the Internet
    Thanks for the gr8 read and posting of things Robert

    By Robert Jeffs — Permalink

  52. Good news everyone Peter from Victoria Australia has healed his lung cancer he used Rochway papaya leaf extract it took a while but he won the doctors are all amazed hope fully they will spread this good news about the healing power of the papaya.
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  53. Hello Chrismario
    Your stomach can be healed with the papaya the best for ulcers of the stomach is the leaf tea or the magic juice. How to make the magic juice it is gentle and it heals well take a 1/8 of a ripe papaya and the seed from the eighth of fruit place with a small cup of water in a blender or use a bar mix and blend for about a minute then drink the lot skin as well if it is clean. Have this twice a day
    It could take months of treatment the leaf tea twice a day if you wish to
    The magic juice is very good and gentle on the stomach and will in a few months regenerate all of your body I have equal to this every day and I have slowed down my aging and no sickness for twenty years now I am sixty three and I feel young no pain for twenty years it has done me well thank you for contacting me if you want more information contact me by email I hope you win
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  54. Would eating fresh papaya and drinking tea from leaves or seeds interfere with someone having chemotherapy?

    By Anna — Permalink

  55. Hello Anna
    I dont know of anyone who has had chemo and used the papaya U know of people using the leaf tea instead of chemo The leaf tea is a cure for all cancers if you get to them early enough
    Please contact me by email if you need more information the papaya only heals and there are no side effects
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  56. Hello Anna
    The papaya leaf tea should not interfere with chemotherapy what is the person fighting
    Use the tea fresh each time and have it twice a day try and eat a 1/4 of a papaya a day
    The papaya leaf tea can destroy almost all cancer some times it is months of treatment
    I have seen people healed but we all are different it is certainly worthy to try
    You can use the seed it is very strong in enzymes
    You should have no side effects from mixing chemo and papaya the papaya only heals
    Regards Robert

    By Papaya healing — Permalink

  57. Please stop referring to the papaya as a pawpaw :) These are two completely different trees.

    By Wil — Permalink

  58. Hello everyone
    Some good news from Gympie Qld Australia breast cancer healed she used the leaf tea three times a day
    Also good news from Mary borough Qld Ross River Fever and Breamer Forest virus healed they used the seed and fruit We are also fighting parasites in the Netherlands they are being stubborn but we will win keep your emails coming love to help you on the way to true health
    Regards Robert

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  59. Hello Wil
    In Australia and many other countries the papaya is called the Pawpaw the American tree the Paw paw has a gap between the paws I try and call it the Papaya in most of my writings the papaya tree has many names around the world your going to have trouble changing all of Australia let it be so
    The papaya is the tree of Life there is no other it will heal all most every thing
    Regards Robert

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  60. Please can we have picture of the said papaya tree?

    By Dorathy Udotong — Permalink

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