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Advertising on traditionaloven.com

Show your ad on traditional oven today.

If you would like to advertise on our website; the ONLY way to do this is by using the Google AdWords. With Google, you can start to advertise on the site very easily and fast without paying a lot of money in advance.

With Google AdWords, if you prefer, choose your ads being targeted to www.traditionaloven.com and also you may target any specific channel on this website.

Currently traditionaloven.com has 975,629 visitors per month who generate 1,947,306 main-page views per month (between the 4th of September to the 4th of October 2015) plus 78.47% new visits.

Image: Daily visits per 30 or 31 days, traffic image from Google Analytics:

Google Analytics stats - visits, per 30 days

Older stats:
Analytics by Google 30-days visits statistics

Google Analytics 30 days traffic visits stats.

To target traditionaloven.com – When signed in your Adwords account

  • Select create online campaign / placement targeted
  • Then click on the Networks tab
  • Then click on managed placements
  • Then click on [+] Add placements
  • Then in the input area type www.traditionaloven.com
  • And lastly click on Save

Choose Google text ads and image ads in these formats:

  • 300px x 250px rectangle
  • 336px x 280px rectangle
  • 728px x 90px Leadboard
  • 160px x 600px SkyScraper

You may also create and run Video and Rich Media Ads in all of these sizes above.

Your Google ads are served with relevant content matched with what people search for on traditionaloven.com

search terms + ad key words = page content

Google AdWords enables advertisers to create and display ads on the Google content network. Advertisers can choose their target audience, set their budget, and see their ad almost instantly. Try out the Display Planner.

Reach people while they are actively looking for info about your product and service online and send interested visitors directly to what you are offering.

With compliments. And thank you.

oven builder Rado Hand

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