Hi Everyone, my name is Carl. Here are some pictures of The TankHead Pizza Oven. It was made out of a large propane tank head. Inside the steel dome is a thick wall of refractory cement.

The cooking surface is firebrick. There is a fire box below that vents directly into the dome. This allows it to be smaller inside. Works great and turns out two and a half minute pizzas.

I live in Elverson, Pennsylvania. I made the oven in my garage during last winter. The refractory was done in my basement and then lifted out (very heavy). My total cost was around $700. I got the propane tank from an Amish scrap yard. It took a lot of metal work, grinding and welding but is now worth all the work. I came across your site and I really like all the recipes and oven wisdom.

Tankhead pizza oven full profile. Propane tankhead pizza oven

This is a diagram how I went about -it shows how the heat from the fire box below travels upwards then enters the dome through the cooking floor on the right side. The heat then circulates around the dome. The dome is small and has 3.5 inches of refractory inside it. That allows it to reach temps of 800F plus, even though, the fire is not directly in the dome. Here are five progress images from my workshop while I was working on on the oven.

Tank cylinder head firebox-shaft oven diagram.
Shaft Diagram

Apart the technical side of things – current set up allows me to use the oven as a smoker for pork or anything else really with slow and low cooking time at the 250 degrees or around.

Tank head oven Recycled propane tank head ovens - metal work. The tankhead pizza oven outdoors.

I was wondering and wanted to see if I could make an oven but cut down on the size. So far so good. My wife did not get what I was doing at all until the final week when I set it all up. Now she loves it.

I had looked at buying a small pizza oven around the same size as the one I built. I found that there was very little room inside the dome to cook the pizza with the fire in the dome. No way to cook a 14 or 16 inch pizza unless you clear all the coals out. That is why I thought to put the fire box below the dome. Also those small pizza ovens cost $2000 or more and all is pre-made. I enjoy doing things from the scratch.