Making concrete slab with footing in the ground.
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1. Post here (below) exact dimensions of your common cement blocks. Full size, half size and quarter size blocks – the large size that I used and 1/3 thin. In inches or millimeters units. This is to workout exact slab dimension for the ground slab for oven builders. It is easy and also fast to calculate the slab dimensions when the block size is known.
2. Otherwise, for those who do it on their own, the slab extends on each side 1″ – 25mm from the walls (read pointers on “Raising walls” page.) It looks much better, in my opinion, if the walls with the slab are not flush.

1. Making ground concrete slab

image #0005 Look at it from distance too.
Distant viewing

image #0009 Digging started.
Digging started

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There are also the Swishy oven and Original MTo designs to consider and to look at, full versions for download or on CD’s. Brick work decorations from either of the two ovens can be easily adopted.